Jiscom provides digital solutions which are powered by a globally respected, secure and super fast network infrastructure.

At the core of our offering is the Janet Network, an advanced, high performance and secure Network, built to support today's digital businesses with the capacity to enable the digital technologies of tomorrow.

A wider range of private and public organizations are now eligible to join the Janet network and benefit from it’s size, scalability and enhanced capabilities and services, enabling them to either consume or deliver cloud and hosted solutions connected directly into its core.

Communities of Interest: 

Education and Research Aligned

   If you wish to collaborate with or deliver services to the Education and Research sector and you have sponsorship from a member      organisations you should call us.


   Are you approved by UK Government via an established Government framework to deliver services to the Public Sector, such as G-    Cloud, Network Services Framework or any digital framework? Then you are entitled to use the Janet Network to deliver those            services.

Public Sector

   Are you a publicly funded organization or do you receive government or EU funding to drive digital initiatives? If so you are entitled to use the Janet network and it's "Alternative Network" to help you transform and meet your digital needs now and in the future. 


    We are looking for opportunities to expand our network through commercial opportunities such as Science Parks and Innovation         Centres as well as media and big data opportunities. If you would like to join the Janet network then give us a call.