Enable your organization through the power of a world class network...opening up a host of possibilities for your customers and employees by providing them access to a platform that is built for change and innovation.

As a valued customer of Jiscom you will gain access to digitally advanced and secure infrastructure that will enable your business to differentiate itself both now and in the future.

You can now benefit from over 30 years of public investment in the Janet network, a digital advanced, high quality and secure infrastructure that has been tried and tested by the UK's research and education sector for the last three decades.

We offer:

  A private cloud platform that enables G-Cloud Suppliers to deliver solutions over a secure         network rather than the open Internet.

  Infrastructure which enables customers to buy connectivity to the Janet network via the             Network Service Framework, providing them with access to a world of innovation and choice.

  Customers access to a range of technology partners focused on digitally enabling your             employee’s and customers.

  A home for government frameworks, powered and secured by Janet creating a physical           digital market place.

Empower your people and join a network like no other…