Jiscom offers our customers digital technologies, developed, established and refined over the last 30 years. This infrastructure, its supporting services, and digital assets are now available to you.

At the core of our offering is the Janet Network, an advanced, high performance and secure network, built to support today's digital businesses with the capacity to enable the digital technologies of tomorrow.

Our core offerings are:

  • Supplier Connect:
    • Connection of an approved framework supplier service, these could be:
      • Local connection in a Janet Shared DC/Collocation
      • Connection to a customer's framework Solution located within AWS or Microsoft Azzure through dedicated connections
      • Connection to a customer's framework Solution either on the Internet or in a private DC/Collocation facility
  • Point connect:
    • Direct Connectivity between two sites on the Janet network or international education networks such as:
      • Transit between DC locations for BC/DR or Back up
      • High speed transit between two core sites/DC
      • These can be Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections
      • These can be provided with site based CPE which can be managed or unmanaged
  • Subscriber Connect:
    • Replacing legacy leased lines, PSN or MPLS networks, with strategic or tactical connections into the Janet infrastructure that can be configured into separate VPN or MPLS style networks or individual connections
    • For the consumption of supplier framework services connected directly onto the Janet Network
    • These can be provided with site based CPE which can be managed or unmanaged
  • Managed Cloud Platform:
    • Offering G-Cloud approved IaaS/PaaS/Storage and backup services via a predictable path over the Janet Network
    • A private network and cloud option for any connected customers wishing to centralise existing services or move to an 'on demand' cloud model
    • A location for software providers to stand up their SaaS services for delivery to the Jiscom connected communities
  • Connected Workspace:
    • Service Desk and local engineer support
    • Highly optimised Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Managed Software as a Service
    • Private / Hybrid Cloud environments
    • Cloud based Global Proxy & DNS
    • Load Balancing, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Prevention
    • Managed or unmanaged infrastructure, Platform as a Service
    • Back-up & Disaster Recovery

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