Until now, public sector organisations have only had two options:

Choose the PSN (Public Services Network), The PSN is the government's high-performance secure network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources. The Public Services Network (PSN) is intended to create a “network of networks” to enable the delivery of government services from any provider or location, but this can be complex and too secure for some organisation


The Open Internet which provides access to a world of innovation through cloud service but with it the risk of compromising the integrity of your network, complicated by potential lack of bandwidth or bandwidth flexibility as well the worry over the general quality and or reliability of the open internet.

The rapid changes in technology and the UK government directive to Public Sector organisations to think “Cloud First” and “Digital by Default” makes the need for an alternate approach to how organisation consume services.

The Alternative Network by Jiscom is a 21st century way of managing a 21st century organisation. We recognise the challenges to operating entirely on The Open Internet, but we also understand the disadvantages and costs of operating a complex secure network; and so our Alternate Network sits between the PSN and the Open Internet Services. Giving you and your users the best of both worlds.

Working with Crown Commercial services and providing a platform from which they can operate both the Network Services Framework and the G-Cloud Framework, Jiscom is creating a physical digital market place

By connecting to the Janet Network via the NSF Lot 1, Jiscom can provide:

-          A secure and assured network recognised as being one of the most advanced in the world.

-          A predicable path to consume either G-Cloud or NSF Hosted services that are directly connected to the Janet network                    removing the quality and reliability concerns of the Open Internet as traffic stay on the Janet network.

-          Ability to use well-known Internet services such as Google, Azure, AWS and over 50 more private peerings helps reduce the            risk of consuming these services if required.

-          Access to over 9,600 kilometres of dedicated fibre optics built on a Ciena optical layer overlayed with a Juniper IP Layer.                  Removes the concern over the bandwidth restriction or bandwidth flexibility.

-          All Supported by a nationally respected Operations and Network Security team, providing secure and reliable access to the            cloud services you need to run your organisation.

Jiscom and the Janet network is the viable alternative that powers G-Cloud and Network Services Framework enabling choice in an ever changing technology landscape. Enable your people by joining the Alternative Network.